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Litter patrol up to 7 days per week on retail, commercial & industrial properties.
Grounds Maintenance

The entire parking lot will be kept free of all litter, debris and broken glass during each service visit. All perimeter curbs will be swept as often as necessary. Parking lot catch basin drain covers will be cleared during each service visit if required.

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Gardening Services

Pruning and trimming will be limited to shrubs and hedges and will be performed as required to maintain their existing shapes and to promote their natural growing habits. Pruning of trees can also be inclided as part of the program.

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Handyman Services

We offer a full range of top quality handyman services to meet all the property maintenance needs of our clients in and around the lower mainland area.



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Graffiti Removal

We professionally remove graffiti on natural stone including brick or concrete.

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Sidewalks and Roadways

Roads and walkways to be blown and debris removed after each maintenance visit. Sidewalks and curbs will be sprayed using our environment friendly solution throughout the season to control weeds.

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Garden beds and Planted Areas

Shrubs, trees and flowerbed areas will be weeded, cultivated and edged to provide a neat, well groomed appearance throughout the season. All plants to be fertilized once in the spring . Our inhouse environmently friendly solution is used to eliminate weed growth.

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Janitorial Services

We will tailor a customized janitorial program to meet your exact requirements.

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Lawn Maintenance

All lawn areas will be mowed and their perimeters trimmed on a weekly basis or as required.
All lawn areas will be fertilized twice per season with granular type fertilizers, once in the spring and fall.
Our inhouse environmently friendly solution is used to eliminate weed growth. Lime to be spread on lawn areas as required between March and April. All grass clippings to be removed from site after each visit.

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Lighting Services

Exterior or interior lamps on building(s) will be changed as required. Better Image will provide lamps to the Landlord at cost (receipts supplied). Better Image will also pick up and deliver lamps to the property at no extra charge to customer.